Prana Meridian Therapy

Prana Meridian Therapy is a perfect mix of a variety of holistic health therapies & techniques offered by Prana Productions. It works deep on the physical level by treating the skin, organs, tissues & tendons, and on the energetic level by working on the energy channels, the meridians, to eliminate stagnation & blockages and to promote the flow of energy.

When you realize that the cause of many complaints, regardless of them being experienced physical, mental or psychological, is an energetic imbalance, you recognize the potential powerful effects of Prana Meridian Therapy.

Prana Meridian Therapy is a tailored combination of Chi Nei Tsang, Chi Nei Tsang Healing Harmony Tok Sen, Cupping Massage Therapy & Gua Sha Therapy. More information about these different holistic therapies can be found at the specific pages that discuss them.


Prana Meridian Therapy treatment

During the holistic Prana Meridian therapy you lay down comfortably on the treatment table. The features, techniques & tools of this holistic therapy make it necessary to use oil & to work directly on the skin. Because of this it is necessary to partly undress those parts where treatment is required.

For optimal effectiveness it is recommended to acquire a package deal of at least 5 treatments. See the special set package deal at prices.