Mission and vision

The holistic mission, vision & integrative approach form the foundation of Prana Productions and are the basis for all forms of services, therapies, consultations, workshops, retreats & activities provided. An important feature of a holistic mission & vision is the realization that nothing is isolated. Everything is interconnected and has to be seen in its entirety. The realization that everything is part of a bigger whole, makes seeing the bigger picture and the inter relatedness, connection and coherence in all that is very important.

The word holistic is derived from holism which originates from the Greek word Holon: being both a part & a whole. In alternative medicine very often holism is the guiding principle. Everybody is unique, with specific qualities, needs, characteristics & requirements. The focus is not just on symptoms or those parts that are painful or out of balance, but on the person as a whole. Examples of holistic medicine & therapies are Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Holistic approach

In a holistic approach the emphasize is usually on:

  • connection between physical complaints, like lower back pain that might originate from problems with the digestive system.
  • connection between physical complaints and psychological, mental & emotional health. The stomach for example is connected to emotions like worry, anxiety and mistrust.

This holistic vision is leading in all services & activities provided & organized by Prana Productions, and is translated in a holistic approach & method of working. On top of this however, Prana Productions is taking its holistic vision & holistic approach to the next level by including other factors of life that are also influencing and impacting our health & sense of well being in profound ways.

Very insightful and useful in this regard is the Wellness Wheel, created by the University of New Hampshire. The 8 dimensions of Holistic Health are the starting point for this broader holistic vision & approach. The Wellness Wheel clearly shows the different dimensions, what each dimension represents and the relevance it has for your overall health & well being.

Holistic approach

On a practical level the holistic vision is translated into the holistic approach & practice of Prana Productions. It is the common thread in every holistic consultation, therapy, workshop & retreat:

  • in the carefully designed comprehensive intake, the way information is gathered & thorougly analyzed, and subsequently translated in a customized road map to health that caters to your specific situation, goals, needs & requirements.
  • in the treatment, therapy, workshop, consultation or retreat itself, by always taking into account your individuality, your personal needs, requirements & current context, and by relating this to the dimensions of holistic health & wellness.
  • in the consideration & attention given to the follow up, including the advice, recommendations, tips & tools you will receive to take matters even more firmly into your own hands regarding your health, vitality & wellbeing.


Would you like to know more about holistic health, the underlying causes of certain health issues that seem to be unrelated on the surface or health issues for which you could not get any help so far? Read more in this blog (link currently under reconstruction)

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