Holistic therapies

Prana Productions offers a wide range of integrative holistic therapies, health consultations, workshops & retreats. Variety in complementary approaches, styles, angles & methods caters for different questions, goals, needs & requirements. A comprehensive intake is part of every holistic therapy & holistic health consultation to get a clear picture of your history, background, current circumstance & situation. After analysis, customized subsequent steps are presented to you.

In every holistic service provided by Prana Productions great value is attached & given to facilitating awareness, insight, inspiration & transformation. Always in a way that is in line with & supporting the self healing capacity of your being.


You will receive insight, feedback, practical tips & recommendations, for you to interpret, give meaning & significance to, to put into the perspective of your specific situation & circumstances and for you to embed into and shape your life in a way that reflects your goals, needs & requirements. In a gradual way, every aspect of transformation brings you a step closer to yourself.

High quality organic oil is used with every holistic therapy that requires the use of nourishing oil. Depending on the purpose & intended effect of the specific treatment the base oil is either coconut oil, almond oil or sesame oil. To enhance effectiveness, the base oil will be blended with the best quality essential oils for specific purposes. Due to the Dutch climate, the oil is slightly warmed to enhance the sense of comfort & relaxation.

At the end of every holistic therapy you will be given feedback about the treatment itself, and you will receive tips & recommendations based on the treatment & linked to the information you provided during the intake. This can be teaching you a technique to practice yourself at home, or giving you advice & recommendations regarding food, eating habits, lifestyle, herbs & supplements.