Holistic consultation

The holistic health consultation is all about the link between health, lifestyle, vitality, food, nutrition, supplementation, stress, energy levels, feeling fit, restful sleep, context & environmental factors. Aim is to formulate a road map to health, for you to progress & reach your goals in terms of health, nutrition & lifestyle.

Based on the results of the comprehensive intake of the holistic health consultation, your background, current situation, context & circumstances are mapped out & analyzed. The results are translated into a practical road map with advice & recommendations that fit your situation, needs & requirements. Tips & tools to achieve the results you are after.

Holistic vision & holistic health in context

Because of Prana Production’s holistic vision the focus of the holistic health consultation is not just on behavioral changes like dietary adjustments & physical activity. A much more effective approach is applied, in which other factors that influences your health & sense of well being are taken into account as well. Those factors of which the link to your current state of health might not be directly evident, and for which we have to dig a bit deeper.

There are always a wide variety of factors to take into account, factors that mutually interact & influence each other. Besides behavior, it is essential for an effective strategy & approach to take into account factors like context, environment, capabilities, routine, beliefs, ideas & attitudes, to ultimately manifest real & lasting change, consolidating the results.

Holistic Health Consultation benefits

The holistic health consultation is for you when:

  • You are ready to take a step towards a healthier life, with healthy habits and a healthier relationship with food & yourself.
  • You notice that stress is getting a firmer grip on you, influencing your sleeping patterns, your eating & lifestyle habits, and you are looking for a way to turn this around.
  • You eat healthy, have an active lifestyle, are not burdened by a tremendous amount of stress, but still feel that there is more that can be attained regarding health & vitality.

Do not expect a standard approach with general recommendations, dietary restrictions & fixed meal plans. The focus is on food freedom, on food as a friend that nourishes & inspires you, on healthy habits, and on positive awareness in a way that benefits your health & lifestyle goals.

Not sure if the holistic health consultation fits your needs? Please feel free to send me a message, I will gladly help you on your way.