Gua Sha Therapy

Gua Sha Therapy is an ancient holistic therapy, part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is usually translated as ‘scraping away’ (Gua) of ‘diseases concerning stagnated energy’ (Sha).

During Gua Sha Therapy a special Gua Sha tool is placed on the oiled skin, and moved across the skin in one direction. Discoloration of the skin appears in those areas where stagnated or blocked energy is located in the underlying tissues. The colors can vary from light to dark red, blue, purple, or black. The colors tells the story of underlying issues & these will be discussed with you at the end of the session.

The discolorations & marks on the skin can be visible for 3 – 7 days, depending on the intensity of the marks & your overall health condition. With consecutive Gua Sha treatments, the marks & discoloration become less intense. This means that the body has been releasing toxic waste & energetic stagnation, and is restoring its natural state of health.

Gua Sha Therapy is often applied to remedy physical issues. By removing the cause of the physical complaints, the energetic stagnation & blockages, the body has the ability to revitalize itself through improved circulation of blood & lymphatic fluids, and by the purging of toxins. As an additional benefit, the functioning of the nervous system will improve drastically, positively influencing your mental- & psychological well being.

Gua Sha Therapy activates the flow of energy through the meridians, boosts the immune system, enhances the detoxification mechanisms of the body & stimulates circulation. By triggering & activating the self healing capacity of the body, your overall health & energy improves by leaps & bounds, leaving you feeling fresh, fit, clear & energetic.

Gua Sha Therapy benefits

Gua Sha Therapy can be used as a preventative measure as well as to treat many acute & chronic complaints:

  • headache, migraine, neck problems, shoulder pain, back problems, joint pain, muscle aches, diminished mobility & flexibility
  • rheumatic disorders, metabolic diseases, fybromyalgia
  • chronic fatigue, stress, burn-out
  • asthma, allergies, lung problems, common cold
  • hormonal issues, PMS

Gua Sha Therapy works on a deep level & the effects of the treatment will continue for another few days after the treatment has taken place. Because of this depth effect, this holistic therapy is not suitable in every situation. Without pretending to be complete, some contraindications are:

  • Blood diseases, bleeding tendency, use of blood thinners
  • Infectious diseases, kidney diseases, cancer, skin diseases & inflammation
  • Severe vascular disorders, stomach & duodenal ulcers
  • Extreme fatigue, exhaustion or emaciation, too much pain

Gua Sha Therapy is best not performed on an empty stomach, and at least half hour after your last meal.

Does this holistic therapy appeal to you, but you are not sure if it is a match for you? Please don’t hesitate to send me a message. I will be happy to provide you with further information.

Gua Sha Therapy tools

Different Gua Sha tools will be used during the treatment: one is made of water buffalo horn, very suitable to remove excess heat & toxins from the blood, one made of beeswax, and one made of Jade, a gemstone very suitable to channel energy.

Organic cold pressed coconut oil, sesame oil & almond oil are used as base oils in this holistic therapy. If required, blended with essential oils to support, enhance & boost the overall impact & effectiveness of Gua Sha Therapy. Read more about the essential oils, their properties & added value.


Gua Sha Therapy treatment

During the holistic Gua Sha Therap you lay down comfortably on the treatment table or sit on a chair with your arms & head resting on the treatment table. This depends on the type of complaints being treated. Before the Gua Sha tool is placed on the skin, a small amount of oil is applied to the skin. This makes it necessary to partly undress to be able to reach those areas that need to be treated.

After the session it is important to rest for another 15 – 20 minutes, to drink extra water to assist your body to flush out toxins, and to wait an hour before eating. Avoid taking a shower, bath, sauna, steam room, tanning bed and so on the rest of the day. Intense activities & sports are not recommended after the treatment. Keep the treated parts warm by avoiding exposure to wind, draft, & aircon.

In other words: relax & let your body do what it is designed to do.