Access Bars – Access Consciousness

The Access Bars session, designed by Access Consciousness®, digs deep and supports the letting go of identifications with thoughts, feelings & emotions by gently touching 32 different points located on the head.

You will start to realize how much effort & energy it takes to function from these identifications and you will become more aware of the possibilities & the perks of living from observation, knowing, being & receiving.

By lightly touching these 32 different points on the head and holding them gently for minutes at a time, the polaric energetic charges linked to limiting thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions & beliefs will dissipate.


The techniques applied during an Access Bars session decelerate the brainwave patterns, resulting in deep relaxation. This state of being creates the perfect conditions to let go of recurring behavioral patterns, beliefs, views, perspectives & opinions. This potential facilitates you to root yourself in the present moment, in the now. If brings you the opportunity to shift from the focus of the mental realm of that-there-then, with its focus on the ghosts of the past & phantoms of the future, towards the present moment, with its focus on this-here-now.  

Access Bars offers you the possibility to let go of stuff that no longer fits you: worry, mistrust, stress, anxiety, fears & desires that can be consuming you. Ideas or beliefs about relationships, health, or money for example can be released through Access Bars in a balanced way. Stagnation and disharmony can be lifted, the energy becomes balanced & will flow in a harmonious way to create space for new opportunities.

Many people experience a deep sense of relaxation, peacefulness, clear mind & restful sleep after an Access Bars session. By removing the polarity & restoring balance, you are able to peal back the layers & become who you are in essence.


Access Bars treatment

During this holistic treatment you lay down comfortably on the treatment table. The only things you are asked to take off are your shoes, jewelry, watch, glasses, belt and items like that.